Adventures in Crna Gora part II

View of Kotor bay from Lovcen mountain

View of Kotor bay taken from Lovcen mountain

What I found lovely in Kotor was that the old went so well with the new. Like the entrance of the old town. It was flooded with motorcycles.


They were everywhere


Inside, there were the most charming narrow little streets, tiny antique shops, restaurants and a little bit too many tourist shops.

I really loved to wander around in here. We even got lost a few times, but we didn’t mind. We loved to find a new ice-cream shop or a beautiful balcony. I loved that plants were growing out of the walls, even from the cracks of the clock tower.

_DSC01642 copy

And I couldn’t take a decent sharp photo

At night, all the little lights made it really intimate. The wheather would cool of, and some places started playing live music.


_DSC1331 copy

One night we even caught a rock concert in one of the streets. We usually spent our nights close to this church:

_DSC1317 copy

Because there is something really extraordinary about this church. This is the point were people could think I know the history of it or maybe I’m religious. Well that is not the case. The reason why this place holds a special place to my heart, is the patisserie on the left side of this building. That is where we found the best cake ever.

It's the one on the upper left corner, the one that is almost gone

It’s the one on the upper left corner, the one that is almost gone

I love that cake. And the only thing I know about it, is that it’s called a Spanish Weather cake.


I’ve been searching for the recipe for a year now. I can’t find it anywhere. The memory of it’s taste is still lingering on my tastebuds. If somebody knows anything about it, please contact me. I need to have it again. I can’t desribe it, it wasn’t like anything I ever had. The taste didn’t resemble any fruits. We just called it The Cake. We went back every night. One day I will return to Montenegro. And while I’m there, I’m going to find this place again and eat all of their cake. All of it.