I can’t shut up about Montenegro part III

Are you sick of me yet? I hope not. I still have a few things to show you from our trip. I promise to make it pretty and short this time.


The Sveti Ivan fortress on the hill. There are a thousand stairs that take you to the top. Obviously, we never made it. I was almost dead after the three houndred stairs on Lovcen mountain.

IMGP2129 copy

Sveti Dorde, the island of the priests. You can only get there by kajak, and guess what? We totally did that. 12 kilometres from the rental place. And then back. My arms hurt like hell the next day. But the priests were nice and we met a Hungarian woman who was their chef there.


View from the old town of Budva. Budva gets really interesting in the evenings. There are performers all along the boulevard dressed fancy. Even Charlie Chaplin was there.


And for this majestic view we only had to be in our apartment at the right time.