Feeling nostalgic today

I accidentally came across a song today, that I used to listen to a lot. This became an avalanche of music videos from my past. You see, before my brother introduced me to rock, I was a total Viva kid (Hungarian music television), so I listened to popular music. So I didn’t even knew I was listening to shitty music. But then, as I said, my brother showed me some cool songs. With actual thoughts in it. And it was the best time in my life to realise that. Because I was a kinda typical troubled teenager. I was always a good kid, excellent, straight A student. So my parents couldn’t get a hold of me, when I started my rebel phase. My grades were still perfect, and if they grounded me, I just didn’t care, I walked out of the house. I drank a lot. And I was still underage, really underage. (This is not a really surprising thing in Hungary, actually, kids after elementary school start a new life in their high school, and start experimenting with drinking, parties, drugs, etc.) I got piercings (still have them, and love them though) and even tats (the same, love ’em), died my hair purple (actually, my mom helped with that, because it wasn’t as bad as getting a new piercing). Yadda yadda, I really didn’t want to get into this much detail, but if you want me to, later I could write more about this phase in my life.

So I was introduced to radical music groups, that helped me overcome.. lots of things. Fear, anxiety, loneliness, etc. I felt more power. I no longer felt like I’m alone in this world. Because that is really scary. I still have that feeling creep up on me sometimes. And I can shoo it away with my favourite songs. Now, I know, that some of this music is not actually the best, some people may even say I was lame, but I don’t care, I’m 21 now, I am not going to feel ashamed for my past. My taste evolved since that time, but I still won’t turn this songs down.

I started listening to AC/DC, The Animals, Deep Purple, The Doors, Nirvana, Placebo, Green Day, Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine, System Of A Down, Korn, Slipknot and others. My big favourites are the Korn and Slipknot.

So, because I feel nostalgic and kinda sappy too, I’m going to post here some of my favourite, but sad songs from these bands. I’m not trying to get you into a lethargic mood. But I can’t always be happy, bubbly, snappy and fun. I think we have to embrace our feelings. And music always help me with that.

Maybe I should do this musical post thing regularly. I really liked putting it together while listening to these songs. Maybe next time they will be happier. Or not. What would you like? What songs leave you in a nostalgic mood? Leave the answers in the comments please, I would love to listen to your favourites.