Adventures in Crna Gora part I

I want to tell you so many things about Montenegro, and I promise, I try to write some useful things too.

We were staying in the Bay of Kotor in a lovely apartment with a great view.

Giant cruiseship, parachute, my life is so much more exciting in this blog

Giant cruiseship, parachute, my life is so much more exciting on this blog

Let me tell you about the traffic there. It’s sick. People are usually going really fast on those narrow little streets and serpentins, but we never saw any accidents thankfully. The drivers honk A LOT. When you’re walking around you can hear a honk going of in every 3 seconds. And the traffic lights didn’t work anywhere.

IMGP2071 copy

Well hello, Mrs. Armonia

One day in our way to Bar, we found the best restaurant with a perfect little bay. It’s kinda hidden, and I don’t know the restaurants name (I’m so useful, right?). It is right next to road E851, and it is in Crvanj, close to the city plate. There is a little place to park next to the road and another sign with ads on it. That’s all the directions I can tell.


You can see how close the road is. They serve all kinds of food and snacks, like a watermelon plate and weird but delicious smoothies.

I was pleased

I was pleased

It was a great place to spend an afternoon. It is easy to walk into the sea, but as you can see, there are big rocks (we don’t like sandy beaches, because they’re not as clean and interesting as the ones with rocks).

Then we went back to Sveti Stefan which is famous for the Forbidden Island, First I thought this is really interesting, then I learned it’s just where famous and rich people have a vacation without being disturbed. What a disappointment.

You shall not pass

You shall not pass

There is a beach right next to it, which is really pretty, but unbelievebly pricey. They ask for 50 euros per deck chair in the second row. We didn’t even asked the price of the first row. Oh, and renting a deck chair is mandatory. Because rich people can’t handle seeing others in the sand.




But it’s free to walk around and take all the beauty in.


And it’s free to jump from the cliffs, if you dare

There is a really nice shady path, and there are sculptures everywhere.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? I have no idea

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? I have no idea

But my favourites were the trees.


Stay tuned for the next part, the old town of Kotor and the best cake in the world!