Who is on Duolingo?

A few days ago I was introduced to this cool app. Guess what, it’s called Duolingo. Basically you learn a language while doing exercises and listening to the pronunciation.


Anyway I’m having way much fun with it (and nobody is paying me for saying that) but I guess it’s even more fun when we share it. So if anybody wants some companionship or competition, follow me, my name is AdaNaomi. I’m doing the french course by the way but I’m looking forward to learn all the possible languages. I’m just o sure how many is too much. What do you think? How many languages are too much to handle at once? Which one should I add now? French is not that hard because it’s so close to English. But tell me, what else would you pick up? Portuguese, german, italian, or spanish? Or maybe something completely different? Or none, and just focus on the one? Tell me, people!

Bonne nuit!


Doing it in English

There is a famous quote in Hungary about our language. It was said by one of our many great writers, Dezső Kosztolányi. Here you go: ,,Csak anyanyelvemen lehetek igazán én. Ennek mélységes mélyéből buzognak föl az öntudatlan sikolyok, a versek. Itt megfeledkezem arról, hogy beszélek, írok.” In a rough translation, it means this: I can only be really myself in my native language. From the deepness of it do my unwitting screams and poetry effervesce. Here, I forget that I talk and write.

Sooo, do you guys agree?

As far as I remember planning this blog, I always thought, I’m going to write in English. It is pretty simple why; I always read English blogs, and I always wanted to be a part of that community. I don’t want to live in this country, and if I could move today, I would. Although I like speaking Hungarian with my family and friends, and I even write poetry usually in Hungarian, but mostly, I think in English. That was a big change in my life about a year ago, and I like this change, because it makes me feel like I’m getting ready for the move. It’s a lot easier to think in English what you want to say, than translating it from Hungarian. I write future posts in my head and imagine my life always in English. I started learning it early in my life, I can’t remember a time, when it wasn’t there. When I was a little kid, maybe around two or three, I remember watching Cartoon Network when it was still in English in our country. Good old days. Now it’s Hungarian and actually really lousy. I liked the classic cartoons, Dexter, Tom and Jerry, Cow and Chicken, etc. That is how I learned this language. By the time I went to school, I already knew the basics and I was always ahead of my class. I learned faster and earlier. I was bored in class and read ahead. When I became a teenager I watched movies with their original language, I listened to american rock and metal bands, I surrounded myself with the listening. It really is the easiest way to learn a language. And now, I wish I could move to a place, where I could talk with everybody in English, not just in my imaginary speeches and posts. I will always speak Hungarian with my family, because my parents lived in a time when they had to learn Russian in school, and now they’re just too busy with their life to learn English. And maybe they are out of shape in learning also. So the point of this story, if there is any, is this: if you speak two or three languages, teach them to your kids as early as you can. It will have an impact in their future. It will make their life better.

Maybe I’m a traitor of my language, because I think in English now, I don’t know, but I like it like this. It’s a different mindset, for a new, different lifestyle.

This blog will be bilingual by the way, for the sake of my family and friends. Some posts will be English, some Hungarian, some both, depending on the topic. I hope it won’t become chaotic.

See you soon!