Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts







These pictures were taken on the streets of Budapest. All three are iconic in the city. The top is the Faluház, which is a building in Óbuda. It has 886 apartments in it.

The second one is the Citadella. You can see it from many parts of the town.

And the last one is the Lánchíd, or Chain Bridge.

Plugged in

Today’s daily prompt is: How much of the day are you plugged in? Do you consciously set aside offline time, or does it happen whenever it happens?

Well for me, it’s an in and out relationship. I spend about an hour watching videos and reading blogs. Then I do whatever I have to, usually cooking. Then around four to six I spend another hour on my blog. I also enjoy some web surfing when I have time and nothing to do. I also work on the laptop, so that is another hour or two, and sometimes I organize and edit pictures. And I watch shows and movies on the laptop too. Usually I watch one or two documentaries a day. So that ads up to at least five hours, if not more. Wow. I just realized that myself.

I don’t have a smartphone, or a tablet, so I’m not connected 24/7 . I guess that’s a bit better. And I don’t have Facebook either.

But to be honest, I love the internet. I love reading other people’s blogs, or watch vlogs, read interesting or quirky ideas, watch cool shows or movies, all of that. And I love that the whole world’s opinions can be connected and if we would all use this a little more responsibly and thoughtfully, we could change the world, we could crush those barriers that make us slaves on our own planet. We could share ideas, data and even blueprints to invent something incredibly useful together, as some people already are doing this. We can arrange meetings and conventions for people who care about the same things as we do.

But even if you’re not thinking in such a big picture; you can find someone all across the planet who might be thinking the same thing as you. Maybe you didn’t know how to put it in words, and then you just run into it. And it is everything you wish for at that moment. You may be depressed, and than find someone who is a complete stranger, who could brighten your day only because he/she is online and posted whatever he/she did. I know that whenever I’m a little off, I go to my favourite sites and I will always find someone who resonates with me. And because of that I made lots of good friends on the internet. And I hope to continue finding more and more friends via this blog also. So if you ever come here and feel like you’re resonating with me, don’t be afraid to comment. I’m looking forward to a good conversation.


See you soon!

Am I a night owl?

Yes. Definitely. Well, that’s it for today’s post, see ya later!


‘Twas a red night

No, I’m just kidding. I am a morning person. No, that’s just another bad joke, I really am a night person. I’m usually up until three am at least. Maybe even four. I know it’s too much, but I have nothing to wake up for in the morning, and I actually hate getting up early. That’s why I really don’t want to work in a regular schedule. Even if I get up at 5.30 am (as I used to back in school days) I can’t go to sleep until at least midnight or 1 am. And because of this I am useless on the weekends.

It’s perfectly reasonable for me to make a little snack at one o’clock. It’s okay to start a movie at two o’clock. It’s not okay to plan anything before noon.

I can do it if I have to, but I prefer it this way. That’s the only good thing in being unemployed. Maybe I should get my shit together.

And here’s the other thing, why do they call the people who like to be up late a night owl, but we don’t have a term for morning people? And do people really like to wake up early? ‘Cause you know, we could reform this thing, if we all stayed in bed until 10. They can’t fire everybody!  And we could all enjoy sleeping in for the rest of humanity together. No debates on who’s a person and who’s an owl.

Oh wait, there is early bird. Never mind.

Daily prompt: Come Fly with Me

View of Kotor bay from Lovcen mountain

View of Kotor bay from Lovcen mountain

The furthest I’ve ever been from Hungary is Montenegro. I wrote a few posts about it already, but I love remembering those days.



I already wrote the story of how I been smuggled in the country, you can read it here.



We sat outside in the restaurants watching the sea and the mountains surrounding us.


It was beautiful in the morning and at night.



If I could change one thing about myself

Do you often find yourself rolling around in your bed at 3 am thinking the greatest ideas ever? Deciding on grand life changing things with an ease and actually getting excited about your new, active, happy, healthy and wealthy lifestyle before you fall asleep? Or do you stand in the shower solving all the big answers? Making up the perfect arguments? And in the morning, or after drying up yourself, you found that all your determination was gone? Yeah, I do that a lot.


Almost daily I decide I’m going to eat healthier, start running, write an amazing post here, maybe even film a DIY project, bake something delicious, go out to photograph everything, clean out my closet, get a job, learn a new language and become best friends with Quentin Tarantino and Jared Leto. Basically.


So I think the one thing I would change about myself is probably my laziness. It would be nice not getting distracted all the time with the internet and movies, to stop procrastinating. It leaves a kind of void and a feeling your wasting your time, but at the same time it feels just so good and comfortable. It is utterly my job to change this in myself, so I wish I would go after more for these dreams of mine, to have the zest and persistence.


Either that, or become Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen.