Weird things in Montenegro

I wrote about the beauty, now it’s time to bring my favourite weirdnesses to daylight.

For starters, this is our friend, William:


Seems like a responsible, reliable guy, huh?

But he has some secrets, you know.

Can you guess what it is?

Can you guess what it is?

The truth is, William iiis:

A total alcoholic

A total alcoholic

But at least his stylish as hell.

Our next contestant is this fanomenal sign.


The perfect ad

You are totally hungry now, aren’t you?

Well, even the food can be weird:


He looks kinda crazy and happy at the same time

And for dessert, I was holding onto something really weird. I have no idea why would someone want this, or what would anybody do with it. He was sitting outside a little tobacco shop, waiting for someone to spend 10 euros on him.

In hindsight, we shold have brought him home

In hindsight, we shold have brought him home


Kotor nightlife

We were lucky enough, that during our visit they held the annual Kotor Karneval, so the streets were pretty crammed. It was a big party, with music, majorettes, funny customes and fire dancers.


That's the most partistic photo I ever took

That’s the most partistic photo I ever took

I loved these silver people. Oh and it was still pretty hot outside

I loved these silver people. Oh and it was still pretty hot outside

The majorettes were following the musicians around the narrow streets, and performers would show up from nowhere. But we are not the kind of people who like to follow around people that are already followed around, so we went to our favourite place, the little bakery with the magical cake.

Seriously, if you know anything about this cake, contact me

Seriously, if you know anything about this cake, contact me

There were a few flashy, fancy clubs in the centre, and usually we could hear the music ’til the morning. When we went home, there were still many people inside and outside.

So the nightlife is pretty intense, And you know what else is? The cats. The cats are everywhere.

Sleeping on the streets, hanging around restaurants, even in shops.


They don’t even get bothered

Whenever you were walking around, there was at least one kitty in sight. Then we wandered into a shady street, and we found the cat alley.


Top Cat, tududu

I love cats, but man, did this place stink. There were like twenty cats roaming around.

Some people feed them and take care of them.

Hello, Bobo

Hello, Bobo

So if you like to party all night, it is absolutely possible. But if you like a little silence and solitude, and still want something unforgettable, just go out a balcony and enjoy the lights dancing on the water.



Good night, everybody.

I can’t shut up about Montenegro part III

Are you sick of me yet? I hope not. I still have a few things to show you from our trip. I promise to make it pretty and short this time.


The Sveti Ivan fortress on the hill. There are a thousand stairs that take you to the top. Obviously, we never made it. I was almost dead after the three houndred stairs on Lovcen mountain.

IMGP2129 copy

Sveti Dorde, the island of the priests. You can only get there by kajak, and guess what? We totally did that. 12 kilometres from the rental place. And then back. My arms hurt like hell the next day. But the priests were nice and we met a Hungarian woman who was their chef there.


View from the old town of Budva. Budva gets really interesting in the evenings. There are performers all along the boulevard dressed fancy. Even Charlie Chaplin was there.


And for this majestic view we only had to be in our apartment at the right time.

Adventures in Crna Gora part II

View of Kotor bay from Lovcen mountain

View of Kotor bay taken from Lovcen mountain

What I found lovely in Kotor was that the old went so well with the new. Like the entrance of the old town. It was flooded with motorcycles.


They were everywhere


Inside, there were the most charming narrow little streets, tiny antique shops, restaurants and a little bit too many tourist shops.

I really loved to wander around in here. We even got lost a few times, but we didn’t mind. We loved to find a new ice-cream shop or a beautiful balcony. I loved that plants were growing out of the walls, even from the cracks of the clock tower.

_DSC01642 copy

And I couldn’t take a decent sharp photo

At night, all the little lights made it really intimate. The wheather would cool of, and some places started playing live music.


_DSC1331 copy

One night we even caught a rock concert in one of the streets. We usually spent our nights close to this church:

_DSC1317 copy

Because there is something really extraordinary about this church. This is the point were people could think I know the history of it or maybe I’m religious. Well that is not the case. The reason why this place holds a special place to my heart, is the patisserie on the left side of this building. That is where we found the best cake ever.

It's the one on the upper left corner, the one that is almost gone

It’s the one on the upper left corner, the one that is almost gone

I love that cake. And the only thing I know about it, is that it’s called a Spanish Weather cake.


I’ve been searching for the recipe for a year now. I can’t find it anywhere. The memory of it’s taste is still lingering on my tastebuds. If somebody knows anything about it, please contact me. I need to have it again. I can’t desribe it, it wasn’t like anything I ever had. The taste didn’t resemble any fruits. We just called it The Cake. We went back every night. One day I will return to Montenegro. And while I’m there, I’m going to find this place again and eat all of their cake. All of it.

Adventures in Crna Gora part I

I want to tell you so many things about Montenegro, and I promise, I try to write some useful things too.

We were staying in the Bay of Kotor in a lovely apartment with a great view.

Giant cruiseship, parachute, my life is so much more exciting in this blog

Giant cruiseship, parachute, my life is so much more exciting on this blog

Let me tell you about the traffic there. It’s sick. People are usually going really fast on those narrow little streets and serpentins, but we never saw any accidents thankfully. The drivers honk A LOT. When you’re walking around you can hear a honk going of in every 3 seconds. And the traffic lights didn’t work anywhere.

IMGP2071 copy

Well hello, Mrs. Armonia

One day in our way to Bar, we found the best restaurant with a perfect little bay. It’s kinda hidden, and I don’t know the restaurants name (I’m so useful, right?). It is right next to road E851, and it is in Crvanj, close to the city plate. There is a little place to park next to the road and another sign with ads on it. That’s all the directions I can tell.


You can see how close the road is. They serve all kinds of food and snacks, like a watermelon plate and weird but delicious smoothies.

I was pleased

I was pleased

It was a great place to spend an afternoon. It is easy to walk into the sea, but as you can see, there are big rocks (we don’t like sandy beaches, because they’re not as clean and interesting as the ones with rocks).

Then we went back to Sveti Stefan which is famous for the Forbidden Island, First I thought this is really interesting, then I learned it’s just where famous and rich people have a vacation without being disturbed. What a disappointment.

You shall not pass

You shall not pass

There is a beach right next to it, which is really pretty, but unbelievebly pricey. They ask for 50 euros per deck chair in the second row. We didn’t even asked the price of the first row. Oh, and renting a deck chair is mandatory. Because rich people can’t handle seeing others in the sand.




But it’s free to walk around and take all the beauty in.


And it’s free to jump from the cliffs, if you dare

There is a really nice shady path, and there are sculptures everywhere.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? I have no idea

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? I have no idea

But my favourites were the trees.


Stay tuned for the next part, the old town of Kotor and the best cake in the world!

Lovćen National Park

The best hike I ever did was up to Lovćen mountain. Mostly because I didn’t really had to hike that much, ’cause you can go up the hill by car. I mean, if you can handle the serpentin road, which I totally can’t. I was nauseated. Luckily there is a really nice restaurant around halfway, where you have amazing view and equally fantastic sopska salad.


Wish I had a picture about the salad

And you can meet friends like this fellow:


If you go even further, there is a little valley with log-cabins. You can buy delicious cheese and Prsut, witch is a kind of ham that they smoke for a year. The salesman play the flute all day for their own amusement. And if you hike up there on foot or by bike, you can sleep there for free.


While listening to the flutes, you look up the mountain, and see this:


If you go even higher, you will reach the Mausoleum. There are around 300 stairs that take you to the top.


Don’t let the tunnel fool you, it’s just hiding more stairs

Without further ado, I post my favourite pictures from that day:






Families come here to get pictures wearing traditional clothing

Families come here to get pictures wearing traditional clothing

This is the valley with the flute playing salesman

This is the valley with the flute playing salesman

Oh, the hidden beauties

Oh, the hidden beauties

All pictures taken and all words written by me, as usual.

I’ve been smuggled into Montenegro


In 2012 we went on a vacation like normal people would do. We had everything planned. We had a nice apartment, packed our stuff and started our journey at 8 o’clock in the morning. Our fantastic trip was shattered roughly around 9:30.

You see, I didn’t realize that my ID has expired in March. Our trip was in August, so I didn’t even had an excuse, I just forgot about it completely. If you live in the EU, you only need an ID to travel around other EU countries. Of course, they accept passports too, but at the time I didn’t have one. So of course we were stopped at the first border, Letenye. The Hungarian immigration officer asked for all the IDs, and we handed them out without a clue. He said my name and told me, that my ID expired. Well naturaly, I panicked. I gave him everything I had. My student ID card, my social security card, even my library card but he didn’t accept anything. He asked about our destination. And then, we lied. We knew he wouldn’t let us go through if he knew we still had three (!) borders to cross, so we said we’re going to Croatia. He went and talked to his Croatian colleague, if he would let us go. You see, they mostly don’t care about if you leave. They care about who is trying to get into the country. So we were really lucky, that the Croatian guy let us in. Then I took a deep breath, which I hold onto for the rest of the trip, because we still had three borders to cross. The next one was from Croatia to Bosnia Hercegovina, and then back from Bosnia Hercegovina to Croatia (there is like a 10 km stretch on the seaside, which belongs to Bosnia). So how to cross these, without being turned around? Luck, people, pure luck. At first we weren’t even stopped, because we were so obviusly tourists. We were only one border away from our goal, and nothing could stop us. Except of course an immigration officer. And it seemed like were out of luck. They stopped every car and searched through most of them. They stopped all the busses, and looking through everything thorough. We rolled to the window and gave our IDs (after shuffling them, to make it seem random). The young officer spent quite the time looking at each of them. He read out loud all of our names with a funny accent and concentrated on identifing everyone. And then, he said we can go. He never realized. We went really fast, so nobody will stop us, and it was kinda weird, because everybody around us was stopped and searched. And then I could let go of that one deep breath at last.

Oh yeah, and then I had to go back home without any papers too, but that is another story.