Greece – first days


I have really little free time here, we’re learning every day and doing our job and oh so many things. But I want to show you a few of my favourite pictures so far.
















I also want to ask you guys, what would you like to see? The places? The hotel? Us? Daily life things? Tell me, really, give me some ideas.

Oh and the food is amazing, but I won’t take pictures of it, sorry. I don’t think anyone really cares, and if you do, well then you should get off instagram for a while.


See you…I don’t know when. I will try to be back as soon as possible! B-bye!



New design and other things

Hey guys!


Do you like the new design? I wanted to add some pages, and my last theme didn’t support that, so I choose this new one. The pictures are a lot bigger, which is nice also. But I kinda miss the old one… What do you think?


Anyways, this week has been pretty busy, and it’s going to be like that for a while now. Oh yeah, guess what, we have a new family member, I have a new tiny little cousin! His name is Benjamin. We will visit him this weekend.


Also, I made a video documenting the life of little baby Barney, you can watch it on vimeo:


Now I’m off to play some street fighter with the boyfriend. Have a nice weekend!

Big announcements

Hi guys!

I have a really big thing to tell you, and I will just spill it out right now:

I’m moving to Greece for six months.


Yay! So exciting amiright? I got a job there! I will be a hotel animator. That means I’m going to be an entertainer. And that means my photography will get a lot more mediterranean. Get ready for pictures from sunny, sandy, lovely Greece. You should also follow me on Twitter, because it’s going to get a lot more exciting! My name on Twitter is ada_boda, and I’m already using the magnificently creative hashtag: #Adagoestogreece

Oh and I just got a MacBook Air for my birthday (I will write about it soon) (or not, I’m quite busy with this whole moving in a month thing) so hopefully I will find the time to blog, I’m sure I will find the time to post pictures and maybe videos too. If that will happen, I will make a Youtube channel.

I’ve got  month before moving, until then please help me, suggest ideas what to visit, what to see, where to go, what to bring. And get ready for the ride!

See you soon!

Is it too late to blame the holidays?

I know, I know, I was slacking. Not even a little, I didn’t really write a post for a month! That’s disgusting! I totally had some excuses, but honestly, who cares? I didn’t felt like I could write something that is worth reading nowadays. But the big hiatus did give me some ideas, so I hope I can get back on track with this blog here.

But the deal is, I’m kinda stuck at home. The only thing I photograph is the baby, and I think there are quite enough pictures of cute babies on the internet. So I am kinda planning some new things, stuff that I can do from home, like reviews, and how to videos.  What would you guys like to see? Maybe I could make this blog a little bit more fun with some nail art, or what’s in my bag, or all those other popular things that are pointless but pretty.

I write more and funnier when I’m happy. And that is not happening right now. Maybe I should write about that. I don’t know if anyone cares. I don’t know if it should matter, if anyone cares. I started this thing for myself, but obviously I still want to be entertaining. I imagined I can become someone like the Bloggess or the Everywhereist, or other fantastic, funny and popular bloggers. I imagined there will be online friends everywhere and free ponies and marshmallow clouds, and constant laughing. Of course I didn’t expect it to happen in a day. Maybe one day.

Anyway, enough of depressing around. Hope you guys can stay interested, and that I can get my shit together.

Plugged in

Today’s daily prompt is: How much of the day are you plugged in? Do you consciously set aside offline time, or does it happen whenever it happens?

Well for me, it’s an in and out relationship. I spend about an hour watching videos and reading blogs. Then I do whatever I have to, usually cooking. Then around four to six I spend another hour on my blog. I also enjoy some web surfing when I have time and nothing to do. I also work on the laptop, so that is another hour or two, and sometimes I organize and edit pictures. And I watch shows and movies on the laptop too. Usually I watch one or two documentaries a day. So that ads up to at least five hours, if not more. Wow. I just realized that myself.

I don’t have a smartphone, or a tablet, so I’m not connected 24/7 . I guess that’s a bit better. And I don’t have Facebook either.

But to be honest, I love the internet. I love reading other people’s blogs, or watch vlogs, read interesting or quirky ideas, watch cool shows or movies, all of that. And I love that the whole world’s opinions can be connected and if we would all use this a little more responsibly and thoughtfully, we could change the world, we could crush those barriers that make us slaves on our own planet. We could share ideas, data and even blueprints to invent something incredibly useful together, as some people already are doing this. We can arrange meetings and conventions for people who care about the same things as we do.

But even if you’re not thinking in such a big picture; you can find someone all across the planet who might be thinking the same thing as you. Maybe you didn’t know how to put it in words, and then you just run into it. And it is everything you wish for at that moment. You may be depressed, and than find someone who is a complete stranger, who could brighten your day only because he/she is online and posted whatever he/she did. I know that whenever I’m a little off, I go to my favourite sites and I will always find someone who resonates with me. And because of that I made lots of good friends on the internet. And I hope to continue finding more and more friends via this blog also. So if you ever come here and feel like you’re resonating with me, don’t be afraid to comment. I’m looking forward to a good conversation.


See you soon!

Let’s give this a shot

I really needed inspiration for more posts and more regular blogging, so what better opportunity  to make this commitment, than NaBloPoMo. What’s that, you ask? Well it’s National Blog Posting Month. You have to post every day for the month of November. You can join in on the fun too and even win prizes! For more information check out BlogHer.

It’s a challenge alright, I will try with every creative fiber of me to stay interesting and bring quality  material here, so check back more often.

So short post today, no pictures, just commitments, I hope I can do this.

NaBloPoMo November 2013