This little blog is about my life mostly. I love photography and I hope someday I will be payed to do it. I love traveling. I also wish someday someone would pay me to do that. So the thing is: I want to be free, a world-traveler, a cosmopolitan.


With this blog I would like to share my experiences and thoughts, and hopefully find like-minded people.


So a few more random things about me:


I love to make videos and for some weird reason I love editing maybe even more.

My camera is a Nikon D3100. So yeah, I’m a Nikon girl.

I like fine-dining. Or mediocre. The point is, I love food.

I also do a lot of DIY stuff, and I make my own jewellery.

I like to live a life that some people would describe as alternative? Maybe? So I believe we all should live our own paths and if the mainstream things don’t fit you, that’s cool, because hey, they really don’t fit me.

I hope to get better at what I love every day. I want to be a great writer, a fantastic photographer, an experienced traveler but most importantly I want to become the best possible me.



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