A few thoughts between two flights

I’m waiting for my second flight at the moment in Athens. So far I like Greece. They put meat on the vegetarian pizza. And they play the Rocky theme song in the airport toilettes.

My first flying experience was lovely, smooth and beautiful. I’m so early everywhere I have time to walk through the airports a few times. I didn’t know that duty-free was such a big thing. I mean the shit’s still expensive. And now you have to drag it through your flights. But whatever.

And what’s up whit people going on flights without any luggage?

Oh yeah, while we’re at the luggage, I managed to put everything in just two small suitcases. I kicked the project 33’s ass! I have like 25 pieces of clothing with me. Not even close to the weight limit. I’m proud. Now I just hope it arrives to Kos when I do.


See you guys later, hopefully with some photography. B-bye!


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