Regarding my name

In the last post I realized that I gave away (most of) my name. And I started wondering, do I have a problem with that? I mean I choose this whole cosmopolitan in the blabla blogname because I didn’t want to give away my name. But let’s be honest here, for most of you, it wouldn’t take more than two minutes to find me. I’m not that secretive about my name or identity. I actually wouldn’t mind publishing with my own name, but you know, I’m a journalist and that might actually happen one day. I wanted to separate my ,,professional” (and at the moment non-existent) life from the online persona I embrace. Not that I don’t want to take responsibility to the things I write. I don’t feel nervous about my opinions. And I don’t want to show someone different here than I am in real life. 

I don’t think this blog could be a threat to other aspects of my life, but you know, still, there are many security questions. You never think something bad could happen, until it happens. But then again, I will not live in fear. I’d rather take a fight for my freedom than hide behind a mask for my safety.

Nowadays all the online things are connected to each other, so even if I wanted to go total undercover, I would have to consider changing many things. I actually think (now) that it would be okay if my professional life and online life would collide, as it is becoming common nowadays.

Other bloggers, tell me, is this a problem to you? Do you mind publishing with your own name? Should I just go with my original name and not give a damn?


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