Is it too late to blame the holidays?

I know, I know, I was slacking. Not even a little, I didn’t really write a post for a month! That’s disgusting! I totally had some excuses, but honestly, who cares? I didn’t felt like I could write something that is worth reading nowadays. But the big hiatus did give me some ideas, so I hope I can get back on track with this blog here.

But the deal is, I’m kinda stuck at home. The only thing I photograph is the baby, and I think there are quite enough pictures of cute babies on the internet. So I am kinda planning some new things, stuff that I can do from home, like reviews, and how to videos.  What would you guys like to see? Maybe I could make this blog a little bit more fun with some nail art, or what’s in my bag, or all those other popular things that are pointless but pretty.

I write more and funnier when I’m happy. And that is not happening right now. Maybe I should write about that. I don’t know if anyone cares. I don’t know if it should matter, if anyone cares. I started this thing for myself, but obviously I still want to be entertaining. I imagined I can become someone like the Bloggess or the Everywhereist, or other fantastic, funny and popular bloggers. I imagined there will be online friends everywhere and free ponies and marshmallow clouds, and constant laughing. Of course I didn’t expect it to happen in a day. Maybe one day.

Anyway, enough of depressing around. Hope you guys can stay interested, and that I can get my shit together.


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