Am I a night owl?

Yes. Definitely. Well, that’s it for today’s post, see ya later!


‘Twas a red night

No, I’m just kidding. I am a morning person. No, that’s just another bad joke, I really am a night person. I’m usually up until three am at least. Maybe even four. I know it’s too much, but I have nothing to wake up for in the morning, and I actually hate getting up early. That’s why I really don’t want to work in a regular schedule. Even if I get up at 5.30 am (as I used to back in school days) I can’t go to sleep until at least midnight or 1 am. And because of this I am useless on the weekends.

It’s perfectly reasonable for me to make a little snack at one o’clock. It’s okay to start a movie at two o’clock. It’s not okay to plan anything before noon.

I can do it if I have to, but I prefer it this way. That’s the only good thing in being unemployed. Maybe I should get my shit together.

And here’s the other thing, why do they call the people who like to be up late a night owl, but we don’t have a term for morning people? And do people really like to wake up early? ‘Cause you know, we could reform this thing, if we all stayed in bed until 10. They can’t fire everybody!  And we could all enjoy sleeping in for the rest of humanity together. No debates on who’s a person and who’s an owl.

Oh wait, there is early bird. Never mind.


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