Good news everyone


We’re going to sell T-shirts!

This concept has been around for a while, and it’s going to get real. Hopefully the first shirts going to be available at the end of the week. I will make a post about it for sure. The design is mainly drawn with hand by my boyfriend, but there will be other kinds too.

We’ve been talking about photos on the T-shirts also, but I’m not sure what would look good, what would people want. So I would like to ask for your opinions. What photos of mine would you like to see as a T-shirt? Please tell me in the comments, if you want to look back, you’ll find a bunch of my pictures in the archives.

The shirts will be available in Hungary and in the United Kingdom. They are 100% cotton, Fruit of the Loom shirts. Maybe I will be able to show you a little sneak/peak in a few days, or who knows, maybe it will be all set by then and ready to purchase.

I hope you’ll tell me your opinions! Bye!



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