The South Park Documentary

I am a regular visitor at the South Park website. I think I watched every episode four or five times already, it’s one of my favourite shows. I also love documentaries and watch them daily. You can imagine my surprise and glee when yesterday on the South Park website a documentary popped up about the making of South Park.


It’s titled Six Days to South Park, and it shows the work getting done day by day in the weekly process of making a new show. I was familiar with the process before, I even wrote about South Park in my thesis. Oh yeah I just realized I never told you guys that I’m a journalist and photo reporter. I wrote my main thesis about the Muhammad caricature controversy. In that I tried to prove that South Park challenges their viewers into critical thinking with the power of ridiculing.


So anyway, you should watch the documentary. It’s hilarious, especially the parts when they record the voices and tell us about their Oscars experience. You don’t have to love South Park to recognize how amazing it is that only a couple of people create these complex storylines and animations in only six days. It would be so much fun to work with them. Even if sometimes they don’t sleep, they don’t go home for days, but they (almost) always manage to finish the show somehow. And in the end, they feel like it’s shit. What they’ve been working on for those challenging days is the worst episode ever. And that is how it is. I feel the same way when I make something. It feels comforting to know that they have to learn to love what they made also.

This is their official website and you can watch it for free.

And if you did please come back and let’s discuss, what do you think about it.


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