If I could change one thing about myself

Do you often find yourself rolling around in your bed at 3 am thinking the greatest ideas ever? Deciding on grand life changing things with an ease and actually getting excited about your new, active, happy, healthy and wealthy lifestyle before you fall asleep? Or do you stand in the shower solving all the big answers? Making up the perfect arguments? And in the morning, or after drying up yourself, you found that all your determination was gone? Yeah, I do that a lot.


Almost daily I decide I’m going to eat healthier, start running, write an amazing post here, maybe even film a DIY project, bake something delicious, go out to photograph everything, clean out my closet, get a job, learn a new language and become best friends with Quentin Tarantino and Jared Leto. Basically.


So I think the one thing I would change about myself is probably my laziness. It would be nice not getting distracted all the time with the internet and movies, to stop procrastinating. It leaves a kind of void and a feeling your wasting your time, but at the same time it feels just so good and comfortable. It is utterly my job to change this in myself, so I wish I would go after more for these dreams of mine, to have the zest and persistence.


Either that, or become Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen.


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