Rain check



We can’t go out today. Neither can the Lego pirates. Today we had (and currently having) so much rain and wind, it all went sideways. The trees are leaning under the force of a greater power. And we’re just sitting here taking pictures of Legos.

We’re waiting for the baby to come home and lighten this gloomy day with some laughter and silliness. Kids are the funniest, aren’t they? Some goofiness is highly needed on days when you didn’t see the sun at all. Reminds of my schooldays, when we started the classes at seven fifteen and got out of school at five pm. Didn’t even see the sunlight until the weekends. Now it’s almost five o’clock and already pitch black outside. I don’t like it.

We just cleaned the house and now I think I’m going to have a nice warm bath, maybe bake some cookies. Yesterday I made brownies but they’re already gone, oops.

It’s pretty hard for me to write every day something interesting, so here ya go, nothing interesting. I will try harder and harder every day. The problem is, I can’t go outside to take pictures. So I don’t know, maybe I will write about Croatia in the next weeks at last. I know you guys prefer travel pictures, right?

So I guess I’ll be back tomorrow hopefully with more interesting thoughts. ‘Till then, with regards,

The Cosmopolitan (stuck at home)


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